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Laurie Boissonneault

Laurie Boissonneault Athlete Information Name : Laurie BoissonneaultSport : ATVATV number : 307Location : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : MB off road serie / Thedford X-Treme Dirt stadium serieClass : Women Beginner Short Biography I started racing 3 years ago at the age of 15 on a Honda TRX 450R. Now I’m 18 years old and soon […]

Bryan Chomyn

Bryan Chomyn Athlete Information Name : Bryan ChomynSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 376Location : Alberta, CanadaClass : Vet / Junior Short Biography My name is bryan, I’ve been racing for 7 years now and taking it more serious the lastCouple of years with training of and on the bike.Main goal this year is training for […]

Michael Gauvin

Michael Gauvin Athlete Information Name : Michael GauvinSport : ATVATV number : 13Location : New Brunswick, CanadaFederation : NEATV / USAClass : PRO Short Biography I started racing the CMRC Atlantic serie back in 2007 in the junior class. Since then, I have improved my riding and been able to compete against very fast riders […]

Jennifer Tanguay

JENNIFER TANGUAY Athlete Information Name : Jennifer TanguaySport : ATVAtv number : 29Adress : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : MB Off road centre-du-QuĂ©bec / Thetford X-Treme dirt stadium Class : Women / Beginner Short Biography I started racing two years ago at the age of 16 on a Suzuki Ltr 450. Now I’m 19 years old and I race […]

Layana Gougeon Ouellet

Layana Gougeon Ouellet Athlete Information Name : Layana Gougeon OuelletSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 8Address : QuĂ©bec, Canada Short Biography I started riding in the summer of 2020 in ATV, I did my first race in August during which I broke my left wrist, earning me a plaster for 3 months which ended my season […]

Justin Brazeau

Justin Brazeau Athlete Information Name : Justin BrazeauSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 120Address : Ontario, CanadaFederation : FMSQ / Off-road OntarioClass : Pro Short Biography Love all discipline of MX. 6th year of racing. My goals this season would be to Finish all the enduro races healthy and results will follow. Instagram Current Sponsors Products […]

Ethan Surry

ETHAN SURRY Athlete Information Name : Ethan SurrySport : MotocrossAddress : British Columbia, CanadaFederation : VIHSS / PNWMA / VIMA Short Biography I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. My goal is to Follow the 2021 PNWMA and VIHSS Series. Continue to Hit the Endurocross and local tracks to better my technical skills. While not […]

Nash Klassen

Nash Klassen Athlete Information Name : Nash KlassenSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 34Location : Alberta, CanadaFederation : Coal trail Motocross ParkClass : 85cc / Supermini Short Biography I started riding/racing MX at 7 years old. The reason I love to race/ride is because I can try to hit big jumps and reach higher goals. I […]

Aidan Bower

Aidan Bower Athlete Information Name : Aidan BowerSport : ATVATV number : 91Location : Ontario, CanadaFederation : FMSQ / 4H EnduroClass : A Class / Amateur Short Biography I’m 16, I have 4 championships to my name in the FMSQ, I will be racing the A class in the FMSQ series and plan to race […]

Marie-Eve Gagnon

Marie-eve Gagnon Athlete Information Name : Marie-eve GagnonSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 851Location : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : FMSQClass : Dame Inter Short Biography I got on a motocross for the first time 8 years ago and since then I have never stopped loving the sport. I managed to move up through the ranks to my […]

Alexesandra Anctil-Allaire

Alexesandra Anctil-Allaire Athlete Information Name : Alexesandra Anctil-AllaireSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 11Location : QuĂ©bec, Canada Short Biography hey sup!!my name is Alexandra , I come from Chaudiere-Appalaches in Quebec. I’m lady heavy machinery operator and mecanic. I live between the mountains and this is my play ground 24/7. I practice endurocross and Snowbike, here […]

Daniel Corriveau

Daniel Corriveau Athlete Information Name : Daniel CorriveauSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 105Location : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : FMSQClass : 40+ pm Short Biography I have been riding enduro bikes for over 20 years. Competitive since 2015 in the FMSQ. I always ride every day to keep in shape. I have created singles track near my […]

Gabriel Naud

Gabriel Naud Athlete Information Name : Gabriel NaudSport : ATVATV number : 1 / 252Location : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : FMSQ / GNCC / Super 4hClass : Expert / XC2 / General Short Biography I have been racing for 15 years. I have been in the expert class since 2013. I won the FMSQ Endurocross championship […]

Paul Sheaves

Paul sheaves Athlete Information Name : Paul SheavesSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 914Location : Alberta, CanadaFederation : ADRAClass : 125 Open, Vet Junior Short Biography Born in BC and currently living in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I began racing at the age of 7 and have not stopped since. I currently own four Kawasaki bikes, and […]

Matheus Lott

matheus lott Athlete Information Name : Matheus LottSport : BMX / MTBNumber : 881Location : QuĂ©bec, CanadaFederation : FQSCClass : Elite Short Biography Started racing at the age of 4, the passion only seems to get bigger and stronger. I’ve became a professional rider in 2008 and started coaching in 2016. I love the competition, […]

Parker Voth

PARKER VOTH Athlete Information Name : Parker VothSport : MotocrossMotocross number : 554Location : Alberta, CanadaClass : 85cc 12-16 & Supermini Short Biography I have been racing since the age of 6 and never looked back! I have always been eagerto be the best I can be on and off the track. My passion for motocross […]

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