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Turn Your Training and Sport Performance into an Exceptional Experience

Sports is your way of life. You live for the rush of competition, of shaving seconds off your time, and of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Resilience is at your core.

We get it. It’s our way of life too. We know the thrill of flying down a mountain, conquering moguls, and attacking a track. Each race, hill, and jump is an opportunity to be better than who we were yesterday. And this is the mindset that we put into all our products.

Our sports gloves aren’t gloves. They are a commitment to tackling challenges, improving details, and triumphing over obstacles. Designed and manufactured by innovative individuals who are passionate about quality and excellence, we put the same commitment into your apparel as you put into your sport.

Together, we’ll create exceptional experiences through uniquely functional designs that have been tested and improved by athletes, all focused on enhancing your performance excellence.

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Our Vision

We will help athletes strive for excellence through high sports performance gear.

Our Mission

Be the most innovative in sports performance equipment, focused on producing results for excellence-committed athletes.

Our Values

Performance: Committed to improving athletic performance through quality products.
Perseverance: Constant improvement from one day to the next.
Excellence: Always striving to be 1% better than yesterday.
Care: Creating quality starts with caring about our athletes and their performance.

Performance starts with comfort and durability

Strengthening your love of sport with quality performance gear designed with you in mind, Nifty5 Sports Technologies Inc. is committed to improving your results. Apparel created with a functional purpose and style, Nifty5 is the safe bet for those who push themselves and challenge their gloves. Discover sports gloves that meet this challenge head on.

A story of passion
for motor sports

Who is Kevin Bertoldi?

There’s something special about a son following in his father’s footsteps.

That’s what Kevin, the founder of NIFTY5, did when he chose to follow his entrepreneurial mindset, which was inspired by his dad and the family business he grew up working in. Altogether, his experiences, inspirations, instincts and love for the sport led him to starting his own business. But what else led to NIFTY5?

Kevin first started motocross when he was only three years old. He made his debut in racing while in his late teens and in CEGEP. Soon enough, it became much more than just a sport for him. Combined with his background in mechanical engineering, where he discovered his passion for improving and optimizing anything he put his hands on, Kevin began creating his own gloves  as he was unsatisfied with what was on the market!

After leaving the family business, Kevin moved out West to work in the power sports industry so he could learn more about it, and slowly started his business and developed the perfect pair of gloves. For Kevin, this meant a light glove that is durable, comfortable, and reinforced in the right places. He created a product he found would help him improve and perform as an athlete in this sport.

Following a visit to a trade show in the USA, where he met many textile and production experts, he was inspired to expand his knowledge regarding products, textiles and processes, and then put a team full of experts together to develop the innovative products behind NIFTY5 today.

He keeps on being surprised at the positive feedback he gets from people who first try his products, because what drives him the most to push his limits further is to see and hear how his hard work, research and creations seem to improve athlete experience and performance.

When he was a young athlete, he was always on the look for products he knew would satisfy his expectations and help him achieve his goals… but today, he can’t believe he is the one bringing them to the athletes.


Share your experience as you discover unique sports apparel that lets you focus on your skill.

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