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Cody Oslanski

Athlete Information

Name : Cody Oslanski
Sport : Motocross
Motocross number : 226
Location : Alberta, Canada
Class : Junior

Short Biography

My name is Cody Oslanski, I am 22 years old from Calgary Alberta. My uncle put me on my xr50 at 2 years old and that is when the love and addiction for the sport began. I started racing 65’s and continued on to 85’s and Supermini until I had a bad crash in 2011 which forced me to quit racing due to circumstances out of my control, so I focused all my time on freestyle BMX for the time being. After I graduated high school and got a good job my main goal was to get a dirt bike and start riding again. After hard work and dedication in 2017 I was able to get my self a new CRF250r and continue to try and follow my passion. My goal for the coming year is to get back to my roots and start racing again around Alberta, but mainly focussing on bringing my skills from BMX into freestyle motocross, full extensions on my current tricks and pushing my limits to see what I can make happen. #STAYFOCUSED

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